2019 Prom dresses

We are very proud to announce that we are now an official stockist of Mascara! 



Welcome to our prom collections.

Below is a small glimpse of our gorgeous prom dresses. We stock a large selction from Mascara, Glimmer by VK, Gino Cerutti, Tiffany's, Ruby Prom, Manon Fashion, Hilary Morgan and Hermione. All styles are available in store where you can order your gown or buy from the rail. We don't sell the same dress twice in the same style and colour to each school so its a first come first serve basis. To view this years full collection you can visit or contact us at our boutique where we will be happy to help. Find us here

Please note to re-order a dress, it can take up to 14 weeks for delivery, so don't leave it to late! Call 07749583578 to book your appointment now.

Our website is currently been updated , more photos with each a code are on the way! 

227 Rose-gold
227 back view
227 Emerald
227 Wine
227 Navy

224 Grey
224 back view
224 Peacock
224 Wine
224 Stone
224 Navy also available in Blush

123 Wine
123 back view
123 Navy
123 Black
123 Red

125 Charcoal
125 Back view
125 Navy
125 Red
125 Stone
125 Black

127 Duck egg
127 Back view
127 Black
127 Teal
127 Salmon
127 Red
127 Charcoal also available in Navy and Wine

105 Wine
105 Back view
105 Navy
105 Charcoal also available in Red, Black, Purple
133 Periwinkle
133 Back view
133 Dark red


 We are currently updating our website, more picture's on are the way!